Saturday, July 19, 2014

::kDm:: @ Okinawa Summer Festival 2014

Hello :)
I participated in 
"Okinawa Summer Festival 2014" and Photo contest
Japan Time 2014/07/19(AM00:00) - 08/24 (AM00:00)
SL Time 07.18.2014(08:00a.m.) - 08/23 (08:00a.m.)
Event theme: Okinawa or summer

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< Photo Contest ::kDm:: Prize! >
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Okinawa Summer Festival 2014
::kDm:: booth at

About photo contest:
[Period for acceptance]
07/14-08/20 2014
[Application conditions ]
・Please wear(use) product(s) sold 
 in Okinawa Summer Festival.
・Please take a photograph by Ryukyu SIM. 
・Please take a photograph enjoy! 
[submissions of a photograph]
" LuneLapin Resident "
Please be sure to write down your name 
in the title of photo. 
And please send by full permission. 
The summer of 2014 
One sheet of the wonderful recollections in Ryukyu SIM 
Please show us (●´∀`)ノ

A beach is decorated with the photograph which gathered! 

※A prizewinner's photograph  and name are indicated to the blog of Ryukyu SIM. 
  Please understand the situation beforehand. 

WINNER  1. 3,000L$   2. 2000L$   3. 1000L$
Special Prize 500L$
(Pals meadowSIM owner's prize)

SHOP Prize
- ***Ambrosia***
- {amiable}
- B.C.C
- ! ..:: COOL MINT ::.. !
- CoKo
- ::kDm::
- Le muguet
- *koyu*
- +Sixth+
- ST's Forest

Prize for participation
(++Twilight++'s limited food gift)

"winner No.1,2,3" one person
The number of the prizewinners 
of Special Prize is undecided!

[Pals meadowSIM flickr group]
Please give a wonderful photograph to a group!