Thursday, February 7, 2019

::kDm:: almost old items are change to Free Gift.

Long time no see :D
My closed store ::kDm:: items are now almost 0L$ FREE GIFTs at Anime inn.
(I'm sorry Gachas are 1L$ or 5L$ and 1item only 1L$)
Clothing FREE GIFTs are Ultra Fat Pack. 
Regular fat pack item + α 
(α is LB prize version, Hunt prize version, DEMO gift version, Gift version etc.)
But I'm sorry, They are standard sizing and SLINK based items.
Too many my items were system automatically lost from inventory.
These were only left in my inventory.
I hope you enjoy my items ❤
If you like my items, I'd be happy if you donate to Anime inn. 
(The donation box is an outside pink balloon object)
::kDm:: Outlet store at Anime inn (For a limited months)
★Right side is my friend pose shop "A&R HAVEN". There are lots of gifts in the store★

Monday, November 20, 2017

::kDm:: Rarai Dress new LB

Hello! I released new LB prize.
::kDm:: Rarai Dress
This item is 6 pattern set.

LB at temporary my main shop.
Have a enjoy my new LB <3

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

::kDm:: NEW Hunt & LB

Hi. long time no see!

New Hunt
I participated in Kiyomizu Summer Hunt 2016.
Until July 10th 2016.
Hunt Object: Neko object
Location: new branch at "Anime inn"
::kDm:: Summer Dots -fat pack-

New LB
::kDm:: Summer Dots -LB-

Have a enjoy hunt and LB!

::kDm:: New branch at Anime inn