Friday, April 18, 2014

::kDm:: Comics Fair&Bargain Burn

Hello =)
long time no see!
I participated in two event.
They are all new items!!!
"The Comics  Fair 2014"
The Comics Fair? Comic Fair? The Comic Fashion Fair?
I do not know which is the true
April 15th - April 30th 2014
::kDm:: booth
These are my new main items!
::kDm:: Sailor School Uniform
summer version and winter version set 50% OFF!
This promotion is only this fair venue. 1set 125L$
!winter&!summer / blue / brown / kon / pink / white
::kDm:: school Loafers
1color 100L$
normal feet and SLINK flat feet OK!
black1 / black2 / brown1 / brown2 / camel1 / red1 / red2 /
↓ Optional item ↓
::kDm:: school Loafers add-on tex&SLINK HUD 40L$
This HUD is socks color change for school Loafers.
Please purchase a loafer first.
It does not work without the loafer.
::kDm:: denim band skirt
Demo pattern → pink
1 color 30L$
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 /8 /
This is EXCLUSIVE item!
::kDm:: nami half cami
Demo pattern → vitamin orange
1color 50L$
vitamin blue / vitamin green / vitamin pink / vitamin red / vitamin yellow /
::kDm:: school knee high socks gift Dollarbie GIFT
baazar item and Gacha item is here.
::kDm:: kom top&pants 25L$
3colors set!
::kDm:: meal pierce gacha 1 PLAY 10L$
24common,4rares I'm sorry,left and right are separate prizes.
gacha & baazar Area

" The Bargain Barn "
I participated in The Bargain Barn 2nd Rond!
15th - tuesday 29th 2014
new item
::kDm:: straped skirt
DEMO pattern → orange
1color 30L$
blue / red / yellow /

Have a enjoy events!