Wednesday, January 22, 2014

::kDm:: The Hipster Fair 2014

Hello :)
I participated in The Hipster Fair 2014.
The Hipster Fair 2014
I don't know what time SIM opens. lol
::kDm:: booth is here!
THF2014 Exclusive new item!!!
::kDm:: suede shoulder bag
(gold parts and silver parts→pose version,no pose version set)
fat pack and 1 color set
black / blue / brown / mustard / pink / red
THF-2014- ::kDm:: Gifts  1L$ gift.
::kDm:: glasses stocking
Bazzar item at bazaar zone!
They are exclusive items.
all items image
*-The Hipster Fair-* Bazaar- ::kDm:: 1
::kDm:: classic dress -houndstooth black&pink-
*-The Hipster Fair-* Bazaar- ::kDm:: 2
::kDm:: houndstooth pumps black&pink
*-The Hipster Fair-* Bazaar- ::kDm:: 3
::kDm:: shoulder bag -houndstooth black&pink-
NEW GACHA at gacha zone!
::kDm:: kawaii glasses gacha
Have fun<3
::kDm:: main shop