Thursday, October 24, 2013

::kDm:: TBCF2013 exclusive item!!

I participated in The Boho Culture Fair 2013.
This is my exclusive item!
almeta poncho
DEMO color → orange
Rigged Mesh XXS - L
fat pack(bonus color yellow and grey included)
blue / brown / orange /pink /purple /
sale of this item(these 5colors) is only this fair venue!
If a fair will over, sale is finished.
denim dress & denim ribbon boots
10L$ bazaar item (left side out of the booth)
caramel top G1&G2 set
::kDm:: booth
Gacha item
long skirt Gacha  1Play 20L$
DEMO color → colorful arrow
Rigged Mesh XXS - L

::kDm:: Gacha area
The Boho Couture 2013  October 16 - 31 2013