Saturday, August 24, 2013

::kDm:: New items 08.24.2013

My new branch opened in *.: Nostalgia town :.* .
my favorite stores and wonderful stores are participating here.
I put on towel dress LB here.

::kDm:: towel dress -mix2- 7min or 3L$
If you couldn't get Nekoma LB maturi,
This is chance of get!
Please come and visit here :)
*.: Nostalgia town :.*
at main shop,Nostalgia town and Okinawa summer festival2.
I released new Gacha!
::kDm:: mini muu muu Gacha
1PLAY 20L$.20 common and 1 rare.
DEMO pattern is green.
~~New LB~~
at Okinawa summer festival2.
::kDm:: mini muu muu -LB pink- 7min cycle
Okinawa Summer Festival 2
Have a great weekend<3
::kDm:: main shop