Saturday, July 13, 2013

::kDm:: at Okinawa Summer Festival 2 and more NEWS

I participated in "Okinawa Summer Festival 2".
Japanese and Korean wonderful shops participate in this event!
Please enjoy this event :)

2013.07.13-09.01 (JST)
07.12.2013 08:00 p.m.(SLT) - 08.31 2013 08:00 p.m. (SLT)
Ryukyu SIM
Okinawa Style (Japan South Resort) and Summer
my items are here.
NEW item at event
::kDm:: Kuhles dress
(flat shoes are included!)

aqua / baby blue / black /
 emerald / pink / lilac /
marine1 / marine2 / marine3 / marine4 /
1color = 81 L$
[fat pack is PROMO PRICE]
aqua to lilac  fat pack = 81L$
marine fat pack = 31L$
DEMO gift pattern is  "pink clover"
Gacha half price down at event
::kDm:: Furoshiki Pendant Gacha
1 play = 15L$
1L$ gift at event
::kDm:: Suika(WaterMelon) glass -gift-
first inworld Group Gift
::kDm:: Suika glass -normal-

Please join IW group and come to  main shop!
::kDm:: Kuhles dress suika green 1/3 -LB-

7 minutes cycle or 31L$ at event

::kDm:: Kuhles dress suika red 2/3 -LB-

Group only LB
7 minutes cycle or 31L$ at main shop
::kDm:: Kuhles dress suika yellow 3/3 -LB-

7 minutes cycle or 31L$ at Ryukyu mall

Have a enjoy weekend.